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This is where you will find sound clips, concert dates, and contact info for PIGFARMER.

Our Calendar of Events and places you might see us play:

Pig Farmer won the first round of the Colgate Country Showdown and will be moving on to the next round in August. They also opened up for Chad Brock at the Andrew County Fair July 6th.

The second round will be in Hutchinson, Kansas on September 15th.

The third CD "Hambone" is now available. Get it from the places listed below.

The entire Pig Farmer website is in the middle of some major updating including bios of our two new members, and converting the sound clips to mp3. We have added the ability to securely purchase directly from PigFarmer using a credit card. Go to our Discography page. Keep checking back often to see the changes.

Our three CD's are available now. Get them at: Hastings, Record Wear House, The Music Store, Lanham's Music, Bass & Treble Music, as well as from any PIGFARMER member--send $12 ($10 for each CD and $2 each for Shipping & Handling) to:

James Hellerich
15550 State Road D
Savannah, MO 64485

Click here to view our DISCOGRAPHY and to download sound clips of our songs.

Contact us at:

James Hellerich
15550 State Road D
Savannah, MO 64485
(816) 324-4821

Or email us at:

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