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Here are some of our original tunes.  More sound clips will be added as soon as possible. MP3 format will be available shortly--thanks for your patience. 
Pig Farmer (CD)
Pig Farmer's 1st C.D.
$12.00 US
Pig Farmer
Kiss, Kuddle & Koo
You By My Side
So Sad 
Country Boy 
 When We Fight 
 I Am In Love With You
 Five For Johnny

Pig Farmer - Squealer (CD)
Pig Farmer's 2nd C.D.
$12.00 US
Jesse James
You Are Mine
Social Life
Feel So Bad
Now My Baby's Feelin' Blue
Loud & Clear 
Freddy The Frog
Happiness Is In My Backyard
Men Are Dead
Ring Of Fire

Pig Farmer - Hambone (CD)
Pig Farmer's 3rd C.D.
$12.00 US
You're Gonna Cry
Throw Me A Bone
This Old Farm
Fight For Your Rights (Problems)
Sixteen Tons
Can't Catch The Wind (In Old Mizzou)
I Am What I Am
Pool Man Blues
When We Touch
I Found True Love
Folsum Prison Blues

Jim Hellerich
Jay Albright
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Jeff Scott
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