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Brilliant blue skies...fields of fresh green grass...Barns filled with hay and, black dirt...and squeals from the piglets down in the lot. All of these natural elements help to set the mood for the composition and lyrics for many of the songs written by Jim Hellerich and performed by the band PIGFARMER. Everyday events of one country boy's life, hunting and fish, and the experiences of growing into a man and facing a world of changing realities have been captured and glorified by Jim in his music.

PIGFARMER is the brain-child of James P. Hellerich--a Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Neil Diamond fan. Jim started writing and composing his music as a young boy living the simple life on a pig ranch in Missouri. Jim plays the guitar, keyboards and blows the meanest harmonica this side of the Mississippi.

Jeff (Quagmire) Scott, the best of bass players, has a rock attitude and adds the needed twist to the new country sound in a way no other musician could possibly do.

Jay (Piggy Runt) Albright hears a different beat of another drum altogether. Jay's deep dedication to his artistic craft and his "sticks" bring the rhythm of PIGFARMER to an all new level of musical excellence.

Jason (Do-rock) Riley, PIGFARMER'S newest addition, brings his rock-a-billy guitar style to the band and advances PIGFARMER to the next level of greatness.

Although the majority of the songs are original PIGFARMER tunes, the band does play a variety of cover tunes by artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Neil Diamond. Do they sound like the original artists? NO WAY!!! PIGFARMER re-designs each song to fit into their music style that they call PUNK-A-BILLY. Punk-a-billy can only be described as a fusion of twisted country and alternative.

So pull up a bucket...take a load off your boots...chew on your old corn-cob pipe...the chores are done for the day. Pop the tape in the deck and relax for awhile, and if you like what you hear, give an old pig call......Soooooouuuuuiiiiii!!!!!
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